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      Suzhou Nanguang Battery Co.,Ltd welcome you!
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      Suzhou Nanguang Battery Co.,Ltd.
      Contact: Vivian You




      Add:Shenglian Road, Beiqiao Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou
      About us

      About us

      Suzhou Nanguang Battery Co.,Ltd. is a professional factory manufacturing a variety of zinc batteries and alkaline batteries.It is located in the north of Suzhou city well known as human paradise,with preferential investment environment and convenient transportation facilities.The company's land covers 18000 square meters and construction area occupies 28000 square meter and workshop are well with on infrastructure. The company's batteries have been widely received as trust-worthy products by consumers and green environmental protection products with its famous brand name Kelong.It has been steadily developing since 1989 and up to now its annual output of batteries reaches more than 400 millions piece suchR6P,R03P,R14P,R20P,LR03,LR6,LR14,LR20,6LR61 etc.,90% of them are for export,mainly to Europe,American,East Asia and developed countries. The company's continual development target relies on high level starting point,high standard,high efficiency.The company will steadily march forward to the future in the market competition with its advanced technology,safety and reliable products offering its quality system of continual improvement and best service.
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      Suzhou Nanguang Battery Co.,Ltd
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